It's not a fairytale or an impossible dream

19 June 2014

Did you have childhood fantasies? It is likely that during childhood you had dreams of what it would be like to someday be married—perhaps even pretending to go through marriage ceremonies in play with your friends. God placed those thoughts of marriage in your heart.

During your time of engagement, there was probably a gradually increasing anticipation and excitement about the upcoming wedding—the two of you being united to become one. The optimistic hope you held about how wonderful marriage could be was not vain. It was based in the reality of God’s desire for you and your partner.

Do you want your marriage to be super? Of course you do. Everyone hopes their love relationship will be above and beyond the norms for society. Who wouldn’t want experiences with their partner in marriage to be satisfying and good?

You wanted and still want your marriage to be like heaven on earth. So does God. The astounding kind of marriage you desire is an experiential reality within your grasp. Supernatural marriage is not a fairytale, but to reach it you must be willing to enter the supernatural realm of God.

-Dan & Linda-

Marriage breakthrough!

10 May 2014

"Wanted to share some 'breakthrough' news with you! So this last weekend something happened in our marriage. I felt a shift!! J. was more outspoken about his love for me and his affection than the whole 20 years we've been together. I know he loved me, but didn't always feel it due to his pain walls he had up. But it felt like they finally came tumbling down in front of me and his words affected my soul. I felt adored, treasured, like he delighted in me as his wife, the way Christ delights in his bride. I never felt more beautiful to my husband....

Wow!!!! We are on our way to having a supernatural marriage!"

From J, California, May 7, 2014

Turning point after 20 years

10 May 2014

"Things have drastically improved and I am so grateful to God for that. We have been a zero on a scale of 1 to 10 for nearly two decades and we are probably about a 3 or 4 consistently now. We may have had a major turning point after 20 years....God is definitely doing something major in our lives and I am ready...We are expecting the Supernatural Marriage!!"

From M, Texas, May 6, 2014

Book review on Amazon 03/30/14

25 April 2014


I saw this book being advertised while checking out Patricia King's website, XP Media, and was interested and excited about purchasing the book. This is exactly what I have been looking for! I am a 30-something single, and have been praying for a Godly mate for the last few years. I just have to say thank God for couples like Dan and Linda Wilson, who are truly living out the type of marriage that God created for us to have! In a society where the marriage covenant has become so twisted, and divorce is becoming more of the norm, it is fantastic to see that there are couples out there who are walking in the supernatural power of God in all areas of their lives, including marriage. I have been praying for this type of marriage and now know that it is possible to have this in my life and WILL have it! Praise God for this book! This needs to be in the hands of every believer, married and singles looking for a mate!!


Book review for Supernatural Marriage posted today on

12 December 2013

Love is a 'decision', not just a feeling. To read something as open and natural as Dan Wilson's book, Supernatural Marriage, is a rare thing these days. There is no age barrier. There is no cultural barrier. There simply is no barrier to those who long to improve their relationship, or resurrect a tired marriage. Or even maintain a good one. The various ways of dealing with life's sometimes complex and sometimes irksome differences in a couple are dealt with in a completely natural way that will have you marveling at the simplicity of it all. I was left feeling 'How come we didn't think of these steps earlier?' I highly recommend this book for those contemplating marriage, in a relationship, or struggling with intimacy.

Susan Tarr, New Zealand

INDIA MISSION - Begins in 1 month! We are excited to see Pastor Emmanuel & Nissi again! PLEASE HELP PROVIDE FUNDING FOR THESE MINISTRY EVENTS!

26 November 2013


You made us new people. We are so indebted to your love and concern. You and Linda are our life and our heart.As I am writing this, tears are running on my cheeks. What a great blessing and honor we have by having you and Linda in our lives. By god's grace we have got to meet you. Since you have visited our ministry, God is blessing the ministries of Hope mission. You brought revival and blessing in our family and in our ministry. Thanks for very thing.we can't wait to see you.

Pastor Emmanuel

Vijayawada, India

A Question Received Today...

21 November 2013

Dan & Linda. Please pray for our marriage, I want to "throw in the towel". I see no changes after 46 years. I am weary and wanting to give up. Saw your newsletter, and decided to reach out for some special prayers. I cry too much, something is wrong. life should not be like this, esp. for me who has committed my life to Christ. thanks for listening. (Anonymous)

Dear Sister,

Read Zechariah 4.

Governor Zerubbabel had become discouraged. He had begun work on rebuilding the temple 20 years ago. All he had to show for it was the foundation. The prophet Zechariah came with words form God to encourage him. He told him to not despise small things. The foundation didn't look like much, but was extremely important. God promised Zerubbabel that he would finish the project...but not by his power. It would require the power of the Spirit.

The foundation of your marriage has been laid. You have accomplished this together over many years. You are weary because you have lost the vision of what you are trying to accomplish. Don't despise what looks small. The foundation of your marriage is very important and valuable. You can build on it now to complete what God began in the two of you. This is not possible in your own strength and wisdom. Ask God for both. It is only by His Spirit that progress can resume.

There is huge hope for your marriage because you are faithful to God and God is faithful to you. He is willing to pour his supernatural love into your heart and restore your hope (Romans 5:5). God longs to satisfy the desires of your heart. Seek His Spirit through worship. Receive what He has to give you. It will be enough. Blessings will come. You can always trust God.

Dr. Dan & Linda

Supernatural transformation of marriages in India!

04 November 2013

A new message received from India today while we are in Akaroa, New Zealand:

Dear Dan & Linda,

Greetings in Jesus name.Hope you are are in my prayers.

last month we have been invited by two churches to counsel the couples.we have used your method of supernatural marriage to 25 couples.Miraculously 21 couples realized their mistakes and obeyed to God and they are not taking divorce now.they want to continue as wedded couples.

I have reviewed with our Hope mission pastors that attended SNMC last year in October.They reported to the office that 250 couples are reunited and said no divorce.I thank you and Linda for coming to India with burden and making great difference in families. What a blessing to work and partner with you .we need more blessings for India from you.

Pastor Emmanuel

Vijayawada, India

Sweet Testimony- Experiencing Supernatural Marriage : A Study Guide

17 August 2013

Tonight, we celebrate 10 years of marriage. We ate a delicious dinner and danced in the living room. But, best of all, we celebrated agreement and holy submission to one another and The Lord thanks to "Experiencing Supernatural Marriage." We would not have made it though the last year without that process. God did an Ah-mazing thing, bringing supernatural breakthrough and miraculous healing, both individually and as a couple. — A & R

Comment today Re: School of Supernatural Marriage

18 June 2013

I can't tell you what I have learned as an individual being a part of just two of your sessions. Holy Spirit was all in it unfolding and untying the knot of confusion around proper communication when there is conflict. I always thought when I "kept" the peace as a peace keeper it was good, and I was being the good little guy, but now I know that isn't always healthy. Peace making is a different story. You set out to resolve, not suppress issues. This is my heart. It is kind of like having the proper perspective of God. He isn't wanting us to be obedient for obedience sake, He really does want us to "want" to comply, by renewing our minds to the "why" he says this or that and loves giving us choice, without fear he is going to abandon us. It is a trust factor. He is sooo loving and committed to us. You guys are awesome!

Reader Response to ElijahList WORD today

14 May 2013

Hi, I have a praise report/question and would love if you could email me back or call me.I had a dream on 5/7/13 that I was in heaven and there was a soldier talking about righteousness that was wearing silver armor. He then asked the group of us he was talking to whoever wants to be a righteousness solider stand.So I did,and he put the same armor on me.The next day God told me to check out Elijah List and I saw your prophetic word about Righteousness that was posted on 5/4/13.This was so interesting to me,because for the past 2months now Gods been asking me about what type of wedding ring do I want,will I save my first kiss for my husband,and now people keep asking me how do I feel about getting married young.What do you guys think about this?

ElijahList WORD May 04- Revival of Righteousness

14 May 2013


Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson

May 04, 2013

“Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds.” The Holy Spirit is releasing this word from Isaiah 3 in this hour. As darkness seems to be covering the earth a holy remnant is rising up, declaring the goodness of the Lord.

In Jesus’ words we refer to as the Beatitudes, two of the promises speak of righteousness: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” And, “Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Righteousness is not a thing of the past. What Jesus taught will always remain relevant to those who seek Him. These are words for today!

Another great promise is found in 2Peter 1:3-4, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.”

We are excited to see more and more young couples coming for pre-marital counseling who are serious about keeping themselves pure before the Lord. Through our ministry we know many married couples that happily entered marriage as virgins and are receiving great reward from the Lord for doing so. Yes, there is great grace for those whose path has been different. But the reward is great for those who wait! Recently we met a couple that had been married two years. Interestingly, the woman was widowed and the man was a 50 year old virgin when they married. They are deliriously happy together. Glory to God!

All have sinned. We all need the grace of Jesus for salvation, forgiveness and deliverance. But God’s mercy must not be used as an excuse to enter or remain in sinful behavior. The bride of Christ is being prepared for her lover through the pursuit of holiness and righteousness. The beauty of her purity will bring great glory to the Bridegroom when they are united as one.

In this revival of righteousness, many business men and women are being brought into high levels of integrity. No longer comfortable with gray or brown areas, these deal makers are walking the narrow path of godliness in all transactions. They are being consistent in word, deed and contracts. And God is entrusting them with kingdom finances.

Many righteous believers are being moved to Hollywood, New York and Nashville. We will be seeing more and more of the arts redeemed! School teachers are shining the love of Jesus in the classrooms. Physicians are inviting The Great Physician into the exam rooms. Pilots are being borne along by angel wings. Firefighters are spreading Holy Spirit fire just as expertly as they douse the fires of the enemy. Multitudes of prisoners are being set free as ministries take the Good News inside jails and prisons.

In discussing and defining righteousness Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary says this, “God is neither indifferent to sin nor regards it lightly. On the contrary, it (righteousness) demonstrates that quality of holiness in Him which must find expression in His condemnation of sin.” Dikaiosune is the Greek word translated in the Bible as righteousness. Vine’s explains this word using the phrase “right action” and describes how people are brought into right relationship with God through encounters with Jesus, the Righteous One. This is key.

When any person has a divine encounter with Jesus, they are changed. No longer are they held captive by sin and consumed by worldly standards. Righteousness defines them. The glory of God follows them. Holy Spirit protects them. Transformation towards holiness goes beyond a yearning of the heart to becoming their personal and experiential reality.

We decree divine encounters with Jesus!

We decree a fresh outpouring of righteousness in the church!

We decree a revival of righteousness spreading around the earth!

We decree the righteous will shine like the sun (Matthew 13:43)!

We decree the righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever (Psalm 37:29)!

Amen and amen!

Fun response today to Global Fire video...

14 May 2013

Taking that Quantum Leap into Job 9:10 and reaching for the hem of His garment! So much fun to see these pictures and hear you at the Global Fire Church. Yes, you could definitely lead one of those HOLY IS FUN conferences at Convergence, my dear friends!! Loving you massively,


Facebook note received today. Thank you, Lord!

10 April 2013

In the past year, the Lord has brought a great healing within me, within my husband and within our marriage. I have realized a gift of prophecy and my husband a gift of healing...Great and mighty things have happened. And now, we need definitive directions for tomorrow...Your ministry for a supernatural marriage has been the reactor for all of these things. Thank you for your faithfulness. A.N.

Pastors Emmanuel & Nissi from Vijayawada, India- GREAT Video- First Night of Marriage

27 February 2013

Dear Dan

we are so excited to see us on youtube.thanks for that.we are blessed. it is a great honor for us to partner with you.we are proud now.

Thanks for being with us in all our circumstances .we are loved and concerned.let God's name be glorified and magnified by all that we do.

once again thanks for good video and I still remember the day you took.Holy is fun.Nissi is very much gald and excited now after seeing both of us on youtube.

Love you all

Pastor Emmanuel

(Watch their video by using the link below:)

Response to Elijah List article: "Embracing the Wind"

22 February 2013

Hi Dan,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your article on Elijah List today. "Embracing the Wind" is the main lesson the Father has been teaching my wife and I the past year. Abiding in Him and trusting the seemingly illogical paths He leads us on stirs up great strife in our souls, our flesh and often our relationships. But nothing is sweeter than walking with Him – even if we're not sure where we are in our journey, or where He is taking us.

I pray that you and Linda are doing well and are blessed by the new lands, portion and inheritance He has willed for You to experience in this new season.


Note from reader of Supernatural Marriage book in Finnish

20 February 2013

Dear Linda,

You will be pleased to know that the book's Finnish translation has been frequently advertised on the Finnish Christian TV7-channel, and through that I was inspired to look Your ministry up on the internet. I was happy to find out that You offer other items as well, such as the study guide. As we wanted the other books also and prefer reading the original version, we decided to order directly from You. It is excellent though that more and more good Christian books are being translated into Finnish, as many Finns do not have a sufficient knowledge of English that would enable them to read in English. Already now I am assured that Your books are very good, as due to limited resources they translate only the best ones into Finnish! Me and my husband are really looking forward to reading the books and implementing what we learn from them in our lives.

May God continue to use You to spread His message, Be richly blessed!

Warm greetings from snowy Finland,

U. C.

Note from a reader this morning...How encouraging!

12 September 2012

The book was a blessing. My husband is now reading it and my son and his wife are also reading it. God bless you and your wife Linda for this much needed ministry. L

Email Re: "Black and White" Word on ElijahList 09/08/12

08 September 2012

Precious Linda,

Just finished reading about your dream (Today's Elijah List Word). Very profound.

This is a very special time that we live in. How awesome that we are here

now! We must keep our attention on God. He has so much to share with

us at this time. Such a time as this! This is the season like none other. May

we all have our attention on thee so we can share and help all HIS wonderful

children! I want to be as bright a beacon as humanly possible.Thanks for

sharing. I know that you are right on target.

Have a fabulously blessed day,

Your sister in Christ,


A Dream in Black and White

25 August 2012

When God speaks to His children, the message often comes suddenly and unexpectedly—surprising us that He would reveal truths from heaven directly to us. Dreams can be like that. Sometimes the most important dreams we receive from God, the most vivid and memorable, are the ones that come and go in a flash! I had a dream just like that last night.

I saw a small bird flying. It was slightly larger than a hummingbird, and it had the same flight and hover pattern that is commonly seen in hummingbirds. The little bird was jet black, encircled with narrow, brilliant white stripes. It was gorgeous! Interestingly, the bird looked more like a fish, resembling some that we have seen while diving in the Caribbean. Was it a bird or a flying fish? Did the black color signify something dark or ominous even though it looked pretty?

While considering this dream and praying into it this morning I am sensing something of significance. We are in a season where spiritual discernment is key. It is imperative that we pay attention to detail, looking far beyond the obvious. The black was the dominant color, however the bright white is what captured my attention.

Many brothers and sisters in the Church today are seeing much black. Problems appear large – cancer, financial woes, marriages in crisis, serious drought in the land. Instead of looking at the immensity of the black, we must keep our eyes on the band of white encircling each and every black difficulty. Our heads are not in the sand. We do see the problems. But, more importantly, we look to see our Redeemer hovering over each.

What is He up to? What is He illuminating? How is He covering it? How will He work even this calamity for my good as He promises in Romans 8:28? We must “fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith” (Hebrews 12:2). When our eyes are on Jesus in the midst of the darkness, His Light penetrates. Jesus always triumphs over darkness. With our eyes on Him, we too can fearlessly fly like the little bird in my dream, safely wrapped in His brilliant white stripes of love and redemption.

Embrace this day in full confidence, trusting in the glory of God to encircle you—protecting you as you spread you wings and fly.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28).


PRESS RELEASE: Free Encouragement Blog

16 July 2012

Press Release: Co-Powerful Partnerships in Marriage

This book is one of the best books on marriage I have read to date. It brought me into a whole new season of peace for my walk with God and looking at marriage in greater peace. Dr. Dan Wilson and Linda Wilson co-authored this book with 5 other co-powerful couples and features major endorsements from major Christian leaders like:

Kris Vallotton, James Goll, and Patrica King.

The book is outstanding! This book gives insight to a healthy submission to God and exponential growing peace in a marriage relationship. Well worth the time, very well packaged and an easy read.

Michael Wilkinson July 04, 2012

HOPE- Thoughts from Linda...

05 June 2012

Someday my Prince will come. There is a longing, a wistfulness often expressed to us these days from people who have experienced hurtful marriages. In fact a surprising number of people have told us they have never seen a great marriage. They want to hope for the best, but are a bit afraid to get their hopes up.

Romans 5:5 is one of our favorite scriptures. "And hope does NOT disappoint us, because God has poured out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us." This is GOOD news. We were created to enjoy supernatural, fabulous, wonderful relationships. We can expect them because of the goodness of our God!

Recently we received a beautiful email from a woman in London. Here is a part of her note:

"I've always believed there is more than the pain and ugliness that 'all' marriages go through. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand that challenging times will come, but I don't believe it is God's will that we bruise and scare each other during the process."

We whole-heartedly agree.

Regardless of circumstances, hope received from heaven is always triumphant. Hope is much more than an optimistic state of mind, it is an eternal entity that carries in it a deep trust in the goodness of God. He is the supernatural source of our hope and the provider of everything we need for living victorious lives.

Jesus, the Prince of Peace, longs to bring peace, love and joy into your relationships. These gifts are received directly from the Spirit of God. The effect of this fruit is much greater than changing how we try to behave in relationships. Peace, love and joy become something we actually carry within us that can never be taken away. These are the qualities of Christ Himself, permanently implanted in us as His co-heirs. Christ in you IS your hope of glory!

Supernatural Marriage- Pakistan! Note from attending pastor...

18 March 2012

Respected Bishop Yaqoob Paul.

Very warm greeting in JESUS name.

Hope this will find you well.the reason to write you this E-mail is to share the testimony which I have experienced within these two days. I felt Really blessed after attending the spiritual seminar. all preachers are so good.and one thing which I have personal life is that the problems which I was facing in my married life are settled down. I would like to thank you for arranging such a wonderful seminar for us .through which we got marvelous blessing.

with best regards

Pastor Aftab Rehmat

God Heals Another Hurting Heart! (Recent e-mail received by SMM...)

15 March 2012

I want to share with you a testimony I recently heard. A close friend of mine was in charge of childcare for the weekend you were here with us. Pastor invited her inside while she was checking on the kids and so it was God's divine plan for her to be there. This sweet lady was recently widowed and felt like she didn't belong in the classes but since Pastor invited her to come in...well she did. Her husband had been sick for a long time and was gradually dying and in his despair and pain and heavy medication said some very hurtful things to her. The pain of it all the the long term illness had taken a toll on her and she felt guilty because of the sense of relief she felt. Something you shared at one of those sessions opened her eyes and she received healing for her soul and her emotions. And she is so grateful for accepting the invitation to go and listen you speak. God is good and healing was happening without you even knowing it. She is one of the happiest ladies now and she can speak about all that has happened to her without shedding a tear. God has given her the victory!

Reader resonds to new book, CO- Powerful Partnerships in Marriage...

24 February 2012

I wanted to tell you a HUGE THANK YOU for the book you sent me in the

mail! The book was so wonderful. I couldn't put it down. I have a friend who is

getting married in three weeks, and while I have already recommended

Supernatural Marriage, I now have another book to recommend to her!

There was a part that especially spoke to me, in your section of the

book. It was in regards to making decisions together as one, and even in

the face of opposition from family and friends.

"In healthy marriages, husband and wife frequently discuss the

needs of the family. They honestly look at their individual, God-given

talents and ask for supernatural wisdom to know how best to use them to

complete the tasks at hand. The opinions of others outside their

marriage should be heard and prayerfully considered, but do not need to

be followed when differing from the opinion of the two who think as one

in the Lord. It is generally true to say that if both partners are at

peace with God and truly at peace with each other, their major life

decisions will be well made."

Wow - it felt like you wrote that just for us! :) In spite of the

opposition from my father about our major move to Arizona, this quote

gave me so much encouragement that yes, we have peace about our decision

and while we want to honor our families, we have to decide with what

gives us peace. Thank you so much for that! It was like a personal word

to me from the Holy Spirit. The timing was absolutely perfect.

The whole book really spoke to me.... I could feel the Holy Spirit

telling me which parts were a word for my husband and me. :)

I saw you guys are headed on another trip soon!!!! I will be praying for

you continually!!! And I'm so excited to hear how wonderful things

went. Be safe and blessed, as always!!!



Constant Contact...what we want with God!

02 February 2012

Constant Contact. Some of you dear friends may have noticed this phrase in the logo at the bottom of our newsletters. This tool enables us to communicate with you in a way that we hope is pleasant. We desire constant contact with you. We love getting emails from you and want to hear what God is doing in you and for you.

Constant Contact. Amazingly, that is what we have access to with our Father. It blows us away each time we think about how He wants to be with us. We have absolute confidence that He wants to be with you all the time as well. We even have the promise from Jesus that He will never leave us. Never! Never, never, never! That is astounding!


02 January 2012

We have been asking God for a word for 2012, and this morning at Convergence Church we heard the word, “fresh.” Just one word. Ha! We love it when God speaks to us! Fresh! Not refresh or refreshment, but simply fresh. This word holds the promise of something new, pure, and clean.

Webster’s dictionary has some fun things to say about the word fresh: pure, strong, full of vigor or readiness for action; an increased flow. We are excited about this word!

Embrace 2012 with joy and excitement! Look for unexpected, new things! This is life in the fast lane with God – nothing humdrum or stale. Don’t expect Him to do the same things in the same way. Welcome change.

“The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon; planted in the house of the Lord, they will flourish in the courts of our God. They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green, proclaiming, ‘The Lord is upright he is my Rock, and there is no wickedness in him’ (Psalm 92: 12-15).”

Regardless of what happens around the world, this is a Happy New Year for all who love Jesus!

We will close with a little teaser: the new worship CD is coming! And, so is a new, fresh book called “CO-“ They should both be ready by the end of this month! Watch our website for ordering.

May the fresh anointing flow straight to you from the river of life!

Dan and Linda

E-mail from Pastor John Richard Mubiru, Kampala, Uganda

16 December 2011

Hi Dr.Dan and Linda, we really thank God for you are such an astounding gift to the ministry towards married couples....God is so Good To having used you like that to bless our communities here... those days you stayed with us...

Linda, Thanks for that so loving heart and ever smiling face... we shall pray for both of you all the time to be used of God in many parts of the World.... Surely We love you all.....

Yes you came here for the first time, but we pray it will never be the last time... Please come always ... God will provide all your needs according to his Riches in glory by Christ Jesus....

Hope to see you again next year....

John Richard and Rose....

Recent e-mail comments from RC

17 November 2011

I recently read (in the book, Supernatural Marriage by Dan Wilson) that a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an opinion. When we have a direct encounter and revelation with God, we quickly learn to not care how 'weird' the world thinks...even if it means others think we're some kind of religious nut! Having God reveal His love for us in ways we can't misunderstand or escape is a surefire way to fall in love with Him to the point that nothing else matters :)

In London...on the way to Uganda. Yeah!!

15 November 2011

Linda and I are on our way to Uganda for 10 days of ministry with Pastor John Richard Mubiru...very excited to see what God is going to do! We are in London for 2 days with plans to meet with one of our primary intercessors here. Supernatural Marriage Ministries has been blessed with intercessors on multiple continents. We value every one of them and what they are doing to bless the worldwide Kingdom. The bride is being prepared for the Bridegroom...the intercessors are right essential for the preparation. Supernatural blessings to all of you!!



30 October 2011

More than once recently people have commented on the amazing prayer coverage we have. They say they know we have it because of the way the Spirit is moving and propelling us onward- also from the good reports from the event in Dallas three weeks ago.

I cannot adequately convey to you how much we appreciate and depend on our intercessors. Their prayers lift us up - give us buoyancy. They also help give us direction. We trust what they see and hear in the Spirit. Every email, every call is important to us.

With tears in my eyes and deep gratitude in my heart, I say, "THANK YOU!" We do not understand what all God has in store for us or for Supernatural Marriage Ministries, but I can assure you that our intercessors are right in the middle of it all. You are storing up treasures in heaven. BLESS YOU!


Received from a missionary couple today:

21 September 2011

October 6, 7, and 8th is a Supernatural Marriage Conference in Texas. Maybe using the term “supernatural” to describe marriage sounds funny to you? This conference heavily emphasizes a life of worshiping the Lord together and experiencing a union of our spirits with the Holy Spirit. We believe that our future days together in ministry will require a deeper level of intimacy based on our relationship in the Lord.

There are some conferences that you “have” to go to, some that you really want to go to, and then there is this one. We feel that we are just supposed to go. The only way I know how to describe this one is that it reminds me of standing on a canyon’s edge, listening to the faint roar of a raging river thousands of feet below. It isn’t overwhelming, but I just know that the intensity is fierce. We both just “know”.

E-mail received today from DB...

09 September 2011

You are right!! Supernatural Marriages is a Huge Threat ("Praise the Lord") To the kingdom of darkness!! Just think what this could do to the divorce rate and to the broken family syndrome in America, if couples grasp it and run with it!! We just need to keep pressing in and praying and PRAISING God and we need to be Strong and of Good Courage!! Ever mindful that He is willing and also, always knowing that He loves the people of America and wants to see the power in the two as one!! Satan IS shaking in his boots at the thought of American couples standing in a united front against him in the attack against their families!! What POWER, What Strength against him! One can set a thousand Angels to flight! But two can set TEN THOUSAND Angels to flight!! I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit just thinking about it!! It could bring Revival to our country! Can you imagine if all the Christian couples in America tapped into the reservoir of Power and Strength that they can have in the Supernatural realm and in flowing united in the Power of the Holy Spirit! (We shall do even Greater things than He) The schools would be free of violence, bullies and drugs, because the children of these couples would be diligent Prayer Warriors and leading the others to Christ instead of contributing to the debauchery there! There would be less teenage pregnancies and the abortion rates would go way down because the daughters will know they are loved by their fathers and sons will be raised to know that they should treat the young ladies with respect. It would usher in the Return of the Second coming of Jesus Christ!! Some might say I am a Dreamer! But with God NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE AND ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!! I will be bumping up the prayers! I really think that your Ministry is Bigger than even you both imagined and that the Devil is very scared and very angry! But we just need to remind him of his demise and look forward to what our Supernatural God is going to do!! YAHOO!! Translation: GOD IS ABLE!!

Love and All God's Blessings, DB


09 December 2010

The Supernatural Marriage and Matchmaking conference in Phoenix last week was truly astonishing. Kris and Kathy Vallotton spoke with wisdom and grace, Stephanie Herzog exuberently shared her stories and advice to singles on how to allow God to be their supernatural matchmaker in finding a godly spouse. Patricia King blessed us all as she spoke of marital covenant and growing together in marriage towards the fulfillment of supernatural destiny.

There were 500 in attendance, filling to capacity the conference center at the Grace Inn, Phoenix. Supernatural desire was evident in those who were there while Jonathan Williams and Michael/Angela Pinkston led powerful and anointed worship during all seven sessions. The Spirit of God was invited, experienced and welcomed throughout the three day conference.

When Linda and I spoke about Supernatural Marriage, there was a holy hush in the conference room which was filled with passionate eyes. Only God can arrange that kind of holy ambiance. Patricia King formally ordained our ministry during our last evening together. Just as she finished, all the smoke alarms in the conference went off. The crowd erupted into a joyful frenzy! I've never seen anything quite like it. It was an astounding moment difficult to describe with words. Ever since the conference we just want to shout from the depths of our hearts, "Yeah God! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, Lord!"



09 December 2010

This is one of many encouraging comments we have received since coming home from the conference in Phoenix:

“We attended the very last day of the Patricia King Supernatural Marriage conference this past

weekend here in Phoenix, and you prayed for us as we jumped into the supernatural in our

marriage. Linda might remember me, for she prayed for me and also generously gave me a copy of

your new book while Dan was signing others at the very end of your presentation on Saturday. I felt

she was really seeing me in the Spirit, which has been an unusual experience for me to encounter.

We were both very impressed with your unhurriedness and servant's hearts of love and giving,

especially when there has been such a long line! Thank you and bless you for that.

We have been praying for His leading for us into a supernatural marriage, and feel prompted to

begin with the deliverance that Dan describes in your book.

Thank you and bless you! (from C and B)

PUCALLPA, PERU- Supernatural Marriage Conference Comments

13 November 2010

My wife and I had the opportunity to accompany our dear friend Dr. Dan and Linda Wilson on a trip to Pucallpa Peru. We had the privilege to meet and minister to many of the Peruvians that attended the three day seminar. Many of the men and women were touched by what was introduced to them during those few days. Men were sharing how they were going to ask their live in girlfriends to marry them. These men were ready to commit themselves to live under God's special plan of marriage, with tears in their eyes they were willing to take that step. The women that my wife met were encouraged not to give up on their non-christian husbands, instead hope was deeply instilled with the words spoken by Dan and Linda. One couple shared they were tired of bickering with one another so my wife reminded them of Linda sharing how the Triangle worked by praying "together" and reaching to God for all their needs, praising him "together" and how they were to start this prayer time that night. The couple both agreed and were very grateful for the encouragement they received during the seminar. Saturday night Holy Spirit poured out his power on me as I was speaking into the lives of men and women. The next day these people were introducing their spouses with great big smiles saying this is my spouse that you prayed about last night. The were going to encourage each other to work on their marriages and for those not married they vowed they would get married asap. My wife and I could see God healing, moving, bringing conviction to men and women to live and enjoy Gods plan for marriage. One man told me that him and his live in girlfriend were scared of committing due to their past, I shared with him that the past can not be changed but to look to the future together as they follow Gods plan. God Blessed our time in ministering to these beautiful Peruvians, they were so happy and encouraged to receive all that was shared with them and to enjoy that safe playground God created for marriage and a relationship with him. My wife and I saw the obstacles that were presented to Dan and Linda due to the Culture in that area, but the two of them were not moved because God lead them each day to reach out to his children and that they did. We are so grateful to see how lives were changed and how the Peruvians received the tools and were told how to use them. Thank you Dan and Linda for allowing us to minister by your side.

Love and Blessings for rest,

Robert and Melba Ramirez


02 October 2010

While Linda and I were at the MediaFest in Phoenix in late August we had the opportunity to film a series of short television segments to be used later in a television "channel" for Supernatural Marriage Ministries on XP Media's Web TV. All the arrangements have now been made. We anticipate having the channel up and running the first week of October. The link is This is a wonderful opportunity to share our message of vision and hope with the kingdom of God throughout the world. We've been astounded again! This is going to be fun!!



16 July 2010

We look forward with great anticipation to November 16, 2010 when we will be spending an evening teaching about Supernatural Marriage with Joan Hunter at the 4 Corners Healing and Conference Center, 32360 St. Hwy. 249, Pinehurst, TX. Joan has been involved in the ministry of healing most of her adult life. Joan, Linda and I expect miraculous healing and transformation for all married spouses who share this evening together with us. Astounding things are going to happen November 16!


16 July 2010

Linda and I are very excited to have the opportunity to do a bilingual Supernatural Marriage Conference October 29-31 in Pulcallpa, Peru. Abundant life and supernatural freedom will be received into Peruvian marriages on Halloween. Wow! We are looking forward to meeting Kevin and Esther Eifert who invited us to bring this message to South America for the first time. Robert and Melba Ramirez have graciously offered to go with us as English/Spanish translators during the conference. What a joy it will be to work with these special friends. Below is a recent letter from Esther:

Hello Linda!

It is great to hear from you! The name of our church is Templo De Alabanza (Praise Temple). It is great that you will be coming with translators, this will allow us to be more relaxed and enjoy hearing you minister to us. What a blessing. We do not get this opportunity here.

Please keep in touch!


In His service,

Esther Eifert


25 March 2010

“Supernatural Marriage and Matchmaking”

December 3-4, 2010- XP with Patricia King, Phoenix, AZ

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